Why Tielka?

In a coffee driven market, tea is almost always a missed opportunity. With Tielka, there is an opporunity not to be missed. Tielka leads the way for discerning tea drinkers and smart businesses looking for an edge. While the vast majority of tea suppliers only tick the obligatory "tea requirement" box, Tielka brings fresh Specialty Fairtrade Organic Loose Leaf Tea to the table. It's familiar, but fancy, different but memorable and it's a brew worth coming back for again and again.

Fair. Fancy. Organic.

Tielka is targeting the next generation of café goers that desperately wants beautiful, fresh, organic loose leaf tea that’s brewed properly, has an inspiring edge and an experience worth coming back for.

Tired of being charged $3-4 for a teabag or old leaf tea in a teapot, they’re used to brewing at home, but are wanting change.

These tea loving foodies still want the English Breakfast and Earl Grey they know and love, but they want something a little fancier, something that’s hard to find, tastes a million times better and still has that air of mystique and a price worth desiring.

Finally, they want you to recognise their values. They need to know the origins are authentic, ethical and sustainable.

What Tielka offers

  • Certified Fairtrade organic specialty loose leaf tea
  • Training for correct brewing
  • Customised regularly updated tea menus with tea descriptions, origins, harvest and the Tielka story
  • Café signage
  • Gorgeous storage tins for display
  • Sampler jars to assist selling retail stock

What Tielka's clients say

Just a quick note to thank you for the beautiful little touches you added to my order. I love the little tester jars - so helpful. And the personalised tea list is amazing. I just wanted you to know that the little things really matter and are appreciated. The way you run your business is an inspiration to me and sets a standard as to how I would like to run my own. Thank you again - I will be ordering again soon.
~ Kathy Peach, Peachy Keen Unique, VIC

"In my previous cafe, we would typically sell one tea to every 40 coffees. Since opening our new cafe, we now sell around one (Tielka) tea to every 8 coffees - we often get whole groups ordering just pots of tea... I can't tell you how very, very impressed I am with everything... Amazing, amazing, amazing. Teas look / smell divine!"
~ Ben Wright, The Glass Onion Society, NSW

"My name is Brenda Fawdon. I am one of the owners of Mondo Organics in Brisbane. My manager, has purchased your teas to be served in my restaurant. Your tea is the best tea I have experienced in my life to this point, simply they are of wonderful quality. I also respect the fact your teas have been hand harvested sustainably. It shows! Currently I'm drinking the green tea. This tea makes other green teas pale in comparison. Most green teas are bitter, harsh and dirty tasting. What was I drinking, not yours clearly! Now I am, and so are my customers and I'm truly grateful to you and Amy for finding you. Thank you!"

~ Brenda Fawdon, Mondo Organics, QLD

"Great news. All the first box of tea you sent me sold before I even got it out on the shelf to a woman who needed gifts for presentations she was giving… Very happy that you followed me up. The packaging and interpretive info on the tea packets is brilliant. Great job."

~ Lisa Redmond, NSW

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Tielka :: Fair. Fancy. Organic.

Tielka :: Fair. Fancy. Organic.

Tielka :: Fair. Fancy. Organic.

Tielka :: Fair. Fancy. Organic.

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