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Tielka's Founders - the Domorev Family, Agnes Water, Queensland (2015)


Tielka is a multi-award winning 100% family owned Australian company. In 2009, Tielka was the first in Australia to release a certified Fairtrade organic loose leaf tea collection and in 2018, Tielka's pyramid teabags became the most highly awarded in Australia.

Tielka teas are hand-harvested and hand-crafted in some of the best tea growing regions in China. After harvest, they are sent directly to Tielka's warehouse in Agnes Water, Queensland where they are blended and packaged on site using original recipes created by co-founder, Rebecca Domorev.

Here's her story about how it all started:

I fell in love with tea in the northern winter of 2002 when visiting a friend’s café in Kielce, Poland. Everything about her café was stunning, so carefully and lovingly put together – she was an artist with impeccable style and she captured the vintage feel with finesse and ease. Amongst all the gorgeous trinkets, old pictures and good coffee was an extensive tea list of well thought out descriptions of flavours and origins. It was love at first sight – and taste – and I’m sure I got through a good portion of her tea while I was there.

In 2008 I was inspired to create my own tea company. As I asked around, the response echoed everywhere. Frustrated tea lovers at cafes had been forgotten behind a barrage of espresso shots and latte art and they were craving something special. They wanted a tea that stood out from the rest, that would give reason to come back for more. They were either underwhelmed with the tea brewed or settled for coffee instead. The joy of fresh, specialty organic loose leaf tea, ethically sourced, lovingly handcrafted, blended and brewed to perfection was not yet reality.

On hearing the hearts of these countless tea lovers, my mission became set in stone. I wanted to capture this undiscovered beauty in a teacup and deliver joy. I wanted tea-lovers to know their worth and this was no small task! After months of searching, I finally discovered two Fairtrade organic tea gardens in the high-mountain tea growing regions of China. These communities had tea crafting skills that went back thousands of years and the tea was divine: fresh, hand-harvested, crafted, beautiful with complexities and depth of flavour that were nothing less than intriguing.

Every other tea faded into insignificance alongside them.

There was no turning back— teas were selected and recipes created and perfected. In 2009, Tielka released Australia’s first specialty certified Fairtrade organic loose leaf tea collection.

Since launching Tielka in 2009, my love for tea and heart mission has not changed. I am inspired by cafes and retailers that defy being swept up in the status-quo but rather, find joy in discovering and sharing Tielka with their customers. Their stories enrich my journey and I am driven to spread the Tielka tea-joy far and wide.

Indulge in Life.

Rebecca Domorev
Tielka co-founder

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