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Stockist Profile :: b.Ash Cafe, Mudgee, NSW

Rebecca Domorev - Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Tielka Fairtrade organic tea at b.Ash Cafe, Mudgee, NSWTielka Fairtrade organic tea at b.Ash Cafe, Mudgee, NSW

10b Byron Place, Mudgee NSW 2850


Beejai Sinclair

When did you start your business? 
27th June 2017

What inspired you to start your business? 
I love that we are serving fabulous food and beverage and people are loving it! I love that our little cafe is only 35m2 in total so our running costs and carbon footprint are at a minimum. I love that we serve all our takeaway items in eco packaging and that this decision (whilst slightly more expensive for us) is received with gratitude and appreciation by our customers. I love that we can easily provide gluten free and vegetarian options, as living in a small town are not so easy to come by. I also love the gifts of fresh homegrown produce given to us by our friends that Ash then turns into an amazing rhubarb crumble or leek and mushroom frittata.

What's your favourite menu item?
ANY of Ash's delicious cakes!!!

What little thing in life gives you joy?
Laughter, music and fantastic food

How do you recharge your batteries?
We both enjoy yoga with our local teacher. We also enjoy lonnnng lunches at The Zin House (Ash's former employment) where all the food is grown on site and organic. I love live music, wine and not acting my age.

What's your favourite Tielka tea?
Sticky Turmeric Chai!!!!


  • Fairtrade Organic Tielka Breakfast Black Tea
  • Fairtrade Organic Earl Royale Black Tea
  • Fairtrade Organic Cacao and Chilli Chai Black Tea
  • Fairtrade Organic Lady Betty Black Tea
  • Fairtrade Organic Sticky Turmeric Chai  
  • Fairtrade Organic Limonada Rosa Herbal Infusion
  • Fairtrade Organic Lemon Ginger Herbal Infusion
  • Fairtrade Organic Peppermint Leaf Herbal Infusion
  • Fairtrade Organic Persian Mint Chai Green Tea
  • Fairtrade Organic Jade Mist Green Tea
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