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Harvest to harvest

Rebecca Domorev - Sunday, August 12, 2012

One of the things I love about Tielka is that we get to experience the change in flavour and appearance of each organic tea from harvest to harvest.

As I have observed, in contrast, large tea companies employ people with the intent purpose of tasting the new harvest teas from various tea regions to work out which blend will product the exact same flavour from the previous year and the year before that, so in essence, the flavour never changes. Great for someone who likes the same hum drum every day of their life, but for me it gets a little tiresome.

One of the perks of working with small holder Fairtrade tea farmers in China, is that that our tea comes from a limited area, the tea is organic and so the blending across regions doesn't happen. The result - the same organic tea produced in a different harvest can often produce a range of changing flavours.

The most fascinating change has been our most recent harvest of our Fairtrade organic Moonlight White Tea. In the past, this striking organic tea has had a distinct sweet, honey feel with the brew improving and peaking at the 3rd brew. Our 2012 Fairtrade organic Moonlight White Tea reveals itself much sooner and the fresh nutty notes I would have sooner associated with an organic Silver Needle White Tea appear in this silky white tea, with flavours peaking in the 2nd brew.

And if you brew it too long... you're still in for a treat, I haven't had an astringent brew yet.

Indulge in Life!

Rebecca Domorev