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Finally... it's here!

Rebecca Domorev - Friday, July 06, 2012

There should be a bumper sticker that reads "Don't mess with me, I created my own website*".  *With a little help from technologically advanced husband.

December 2011

After a conversation with friends we are inspired to completely redo the Tielka website (which we happened to think was truly awesome a year before that), after which Alexei convinces me we could churn through the hard work of the new website in his 2 week break in January. Naively, I accept this, feeling strangely inspired but with that niggling thought in the back of my mind that I seem to happily announce every time a friend muses about creating their own website... "it's like renovating your own house. Completely. From top to bottom. DON'T DO IT".

End March 2012

I begin the countdown on our Facebook page... 5 days until our new website is launched!  4 days... 3... 2... 1... (silence... crickets). It seems there is more to launching a website than having the front-end looking pretty and all.

April-May 2012

So then I'm thinking... let's not just re-launch our website, let's give Tielka a COMPLETE makeover - branding, logo, packaging - the whole kit and caboodle! What fun! You may think by now that we are suckers for pain and damn hard work and sometimes I have wondered this myself, but in the process of it all there was a dash of cheeky pleasure in making this work. Kind of like being back in primary school, looking at your grade 4 classmate's artwork and knowing yours is going to be SO much better.

June 2012

I'm getting antsy. REALLY antsy. And a little embarrassed we were promising new products, new website and so and so on to our wonderful FB followers almost three months ago and still nothing.  

June 30th 2012

I announce to the powers that be that the old website will be closing, with a certain degree of faith the new one will be ready very soon (i.e. the next day).

July 1st 2012

Website is live!!! But no one knows... unless they go to, not Of course the shop isn't working, but that's a minor detail.

July 6th 2012

Let it be will noted. Website is live, found by google, announced on Facebook, passed on to Twitter, shouted from the rooftops, shop is functioning (perhaps with a few glitches here and there), yes it's LIVE and selling!  

Six months of damn hard work and an awesome amount of satisfaction. I will not hesitate to warn of the impending awesomeness and magnitude of creating ones own website to friends and beyond while satisfactorily likening it to the act of sweeping up a desert. 

Time for some Jade Mist Green Tea.

Indulge in Life.

Rebecca Domorev